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Hi Everyone, I was looking at the calendar and seeing how very close we are to the end of the year. What better way to go out than to have a Free Media Mail Shipping $50.00 and up! So here we go. December 29th-December 31st!

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Bob Jones Science 5 3rd edition

Bob Jones Science 5 Student Text 3rd edition
Retail Price: $33.50
Our Price: $16.75
We also have the Teacher editions, tests & test keys

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Abeka My America And My World 4th edition


Abeka My America And My World 4th edition

Item #: AB0195311

On Hand: 50

Retail Price: $13.25

Our Price: $9.94     


Health is a good subject to add this time of year!

Health is a good subject to add this time of year. Abeka has a Health curriculum for grades 1st-6th grade. Abeka also has 9th grade Health in Christian Perspective. This can be used for grades 9th-12th.
Second Harvest Curriculum has the current and previous editions of Abeka Health in all these grades including texts, teacher editions, keys and tests.
Horizons curriculum has Health books for grades K-8th. Horizons curriculum is a teacher led curriculum that takes your child from the very basics of health to developing life skills. Horizons also has a Physical Education curriculum for grade Pre-K-2nd grade and 9th-12th grade. Check our Horizons catalog page and our Deal of the Day page.

Bob Jones American Government


Bob Jones American Government

Bob Jones American Government Student Text 2nd edition can be used in the Distance Learning Program.This approaches American Government historically to analyze its branches and levels and scriptural foundations.

Item #: BJ12185421

Retail Price: $48.89

Our Price: $36.67     

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10 Most Common Worries of New Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

10 Most Common Worries of New Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

A great article with some great answers.

Free Learning (Unschooling) to University

Judy Arnall is Canada’s leading authority on non-punitive, respectful parenting and family relationships.  She has authored three best-selling print books, Discipline Without Distress, Parenting With Patience, and The Last Word on Parenting.


Welcome to the Overstock Section of!

Welcome to the Overstock Section of!

Our Overstock Section will have “A, B & C” condition books at Clearance Prices! These books are in Overstock due to one or more of the following reasons. Older or not current editions, books we have to many copies of or books we are discontinuing.
All books will have a rating of “A, B & C” conditions. Check the chart below for the possible conditions. All photos of Overstock items are stock photos. All Overstock book sales are non-returnable.

Thanks for shopping our Overstock Section at Used Homeschool books!

Gratitude Week at Second Harvest Curriculum

November: A great month to express Gratitude. 
What better way to say…..Thank you!

November 23rd- 29th

On to winter projects at Second Harvest Curriculum!

On to winter projects at Second Harvest Curriculum!
All thru the summer season I am writing notes about next winter’s projects. So now it is time to find all the notes, organize and prioritize.
First item on the list are which homeschool curriculums to add to our ever growing Second Harvest Curriculum’s Catalog page. I have been given ideas by homeschool moms throughout the year and will be checking out the possibilities. Ideas are welcome anytime, email us at We also send out an email in January asking for ideas from our subscribers. Please sign up for our Promotional mailing list emails of free shipping, sales and shipment updates.
The second item on my list is advertising and connecting with Homeschoolers on Social Media, Homeschool Radio and Homeschool group’s web pages. This sort of connection is very cost effective and reaches a lot of our customers and vendors. Research on this level is very enlightening and mind boggling sometimes as there is so much out there. Other options for advertising are homeschool magazine ads and postcards for Christian Schools. More research to be done!
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and SHC’s blog help us to connect and share about our free shipping, sales and shipment updates. Please join us.

Next comes cleaning and maintenance on this house. Second Harvest is located in a rental house that we have had for many years and lived in for 5 years. Our 3 boys grew up here and the house has many memories of those years. So I am very happy to have SHC here. I have quite a list for this but I am not sure what Gary thinks of all the projects I would like to do.
Right now these are the 3 main projects which will spread into other projects so I am sure I will keep busy getting ready for “Summer 2016!”

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