Change is good!

Isn’t that why some of us started homeschooling or keep homeschooling?

Being able to make changes that fit your family, child and lifestyle?

A mom shared with me that they travel extended periods of time with her husband whose work sends him all over the southeastern part of the country.  She has made several changes in curriculum due to their lifestyle. They take advantage of what the area they are in at the time has to offer in museums, nature, culture & more.

I talked to a mom the other day that had used a particular curriculum for several of her children, but it just was not working for her son.  She was looking into something that would be beneficial to him.  Meanwhile she was going to keep using the curriculum that was working for her other children.

Some families are homeschooling due to health, mental or emotional issues with child.  There is a myriad of homeschool curriculum available, written for students who need curriculum that caters to their learning style.

Sometimes that takes a few attempts, but a good fit can be found.  Keep looking!

Families who need to adjust homeschooling to fit their life can mean many things. I think of people who have family businesses that the children help with and learn from. For us it meant we started a few classes only in the fall, as Dylan was helping his dad who is a building contractor.   Then we added the rest and worked hard in the winter months when there was more time to get everything done.

Second Harvest Curriculum recently sponsored a Podcast on, the Ultimate Radio Homeschool Network on changing teaching methods titled “Help! I want to change my teaching method”.  Check out Felice’s experiences with changing teaching methods in her homeschool career. Changing teaching methods might help simplify your life and save the sanity of all.   Google “education style quiz” or something similar, there are sites that ask questions to help you find your style and then they show different method suggestions.  We have a version on our site that is a little older but has the same concepts.

Sometimes the seemingly simplest change can do wonders for all.  Change does not have to mean “big”.   It does not always mean our children have to make the changes. It can mean a change in attitude and expectations for the parent.  Most days that was enough for us. I also found that other days, I was part of the problem and not the solution. Whatever changes you make, you can always change again or back.  Sometimes we have to make changes to see that, maybe it was working great the way it was.

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