May 18 2015


At this time of year I think about the mom’s who I talked to last summer and fall who were just starting homeschooling for the first time. I hope it went well for you and you have or are going to have your first year finished. What an accomplishment!
Onward to year 2 and beyond!

Let us help you with your next years books. 

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May 14 2015

Books are arriving daily!

Its that exciting time of year! 

We are gearing up for our busy summer and fall season. 

Books arriving daily from Homeschool Families and Christian Schools! 

We do an  upload each weekday evening of books that arrived that day.  Check us out!


May 7 2015

Kids in the House: Homeschooling tips in terms of academics

Another great Homeschooling video from Kids in the House
Tsh Oxenreider is the full-time blogger behind Simple Mom and the founder and creative director of Simple Living Media, a blog network dedicated to helping people live intentionally (while throwing perfection out the window). She thinks a library card, a Netflix subscription, and a passport are some of the greatest parenting tools in the universe. She’s a wife to Kyle, mama to Tate, Reed, and Finn, and is the author of Organized Simplicity and One Bite at a Time: 52 Bites for Making Life Simpler. She is currently working on her next book. Tsh and her nomadic family currently live in Bend, Oregon, but several dots around the globe have also been called home (her 7-year-old has been on 60 airplanes and counting). Together, they love to travel, read books, go camping, and make homemade pizza for Friday Family Movie Night.

Tsh writes about living simply and intentionally at Simple Mom, which was named one of the Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2012. She was also number 2 in the top 50 Twitter Moms of 2011, was named one of the Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011, her blog was nominated for Best New Blog of 2008, and has been mentioned on Apartment Therapy, HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Food Network, CNBC, CNN, NPR, Parents Magazine, and more. She speaks frequently about blogging, writing, living intentionally, and motherhood in between changing diapers and hitting the ‘publish’ button. She is also an advocate for Compassion International, serving as one of their bloggers, and is a regular contributor at (in)courage. Tsh also records a podcast with Homefries called The Simple Mom Podcast, which during one week ranked second under NPR’s This American Life in most listened-to podcasts.

Apr 30 2015

Kids In The House-Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages by Natalie Hawkins

A great video by Natalie Hawkins about the  Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Natalie Hawkins is the mother of Gabrielle Douglas, 2012 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist.  Virginia Beach native and single mother of 4, Hawkins faced many struggles putting Gabrielle through Olympic training, giving up everything she had to see her daughter succeed.  Hawkins allowed her daughter to leave their Virginia Beach home and close family bonds to pursue her dreams, train with Chow’s Gymnastics in Iowa, and become the Olympian she is today.  Hawkins has since been honored in the P&G “Thank You Moms” campaign.

Apr 24 2015

“Thank you for your interest in selling your books to Second Harvest Curriculum.”

“Thank you for your interest in selling your books to Second Harvest Curriculum.”

Thanks to all the Homeschool Families & Christian Schools who take the time to sell their Homeschool books to SHC. Our customers really do appreciate being able to purchase used homeschool books.

We are purchasing the current editions only of Bob Jones Books in all grades.

We have added to our Catalog Page, Mystery of History, Heart of Dakota, All American History and Alpha Omega LifePac sets in 2014.


Apr 1 2015

Kids in the House, The Ultimate Partenting Resource

Check out this video about Homeschooling Challenges by Wanda Jones-Yeatman

Mar 25 2015

Save by Purchasing Books from Second Harvest Curriculum

You can SAVE GREEN by saving 25-75% off retail by purchasing books from We have grades Pre-K through Grade 12 instock. Huge selection of popular publishers to choose from like Abeka, Bob Jones, Rod & Staff, Saxon, Math U See, Apologia and more. Buy Used Home School Books!

Mar 13 2015

12 Reasons To Start Gardening With Kids – Little House on the Valley

12 Reasons To Start Gardening With Kids

Excerpt from Little House on the Valley Blog Page

I love including my boys in planting our garden. The benefits of gardening with kids are many, and I can’t say enough about this timeless activity. There have actually been studies that show the advantages that gardening and digging in the dirt can provide. In addition to the time spent with your kids in the garden, they can learn many things that may stay with them throughout their life. Here are a 12 reasons that you should start gardening with kids and the benefits you both will enjoy.

Feb 4 2015

Bouncy Snowballs!

Super Bouncy Snowballs Recipe

Coffee Cups &  Crayons blog

Let me start by saying that this play recipe was a complete accident! We were actually trying to make a new slime recipe (that totally failed) and instead we ended up with these super bouncy snowballs that are even cooler!

Jan 14 2015

Shipping Changes for Canada and International Orders

Canadian & International Changes
For our friends in Canada and countries outside the US.

Please call 308-350-0335 or email us at to get the information for shipping costs. We are no longer able to accept orders on our website for orders outside the US

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